Sunborne Legacy's Guildsite has moved!
As of May 27th, 2009 - our website is now located at

Name: Sunborne Legacy
Affiliation: Horde
Server: Moon Guard
Founded: August - 2008
RP-Type: Heavy / Full time Roleplay
Special Note: The lore and basis of this guild is entirely Blood Elf based and therefore while we accept allies of other Horde Races, guild membership is restricted to Blood Elves only.

IC Notes

''Out of the darkest night - the sun WILL rise.

Those who join the Sunborne Legacy are those who are willing to step away from the footsteps of Kael'Thas, and who wish to find a path back to their former glory as a people beyond what was there before. They are a unified group who serve this purpose as a whole. We honor all that is honorable and respect all that earn it, but we seek what we have lost, and we seek to create more than what we once had.''

Lady Yvaynne Tyl'Arien (Sunborne House) barely escaped the city under attack with her life hanging by a thread, and at the cost of many other lives. She returned to find chaos, and sickness, and her home laid waste. After restoring her beloved home, Sunborne Halls, she began to find those among the people that felt as she did, and drew them into her home. Sunborne Halls now serves as the headquarters for the Sunborne Legacy - those dedicated to the restoration and future of the Elves. Disenchanted with the choices of Kael'Thas, and now his betrayal, as well as seeking revenge upon Arthas and his scourge, Lady Yvaynne leads and trains those willing to unite with her personal cause. The path of the Quel'dorei lies behind them and broken. The path of the Sin'dorei is one leading to destruction and elimination. The Sunborne Legacy seek a new path toward a new future

OOC Notes:

We seek:
* Roleplayers with experience or those who are serious about learning to Roleplay in the WoW environment.
* Friendly and mature players, preferably 18 years of age or above unless an exception is granted.
* Blood Elves that are concerned with the state of things, distrustful of Kael'Thas and his mistakes, and those interested in Blood Elf restoration.
* Blood Elves of all classes levels 10 and above (DK's will need special approval)
* Those who know the Blood Elf lore and general WoW lore, and those willing to play within the reasonable bounds set by lore. (ie - no dragons in disguise, werewolves, worgen or partial worgen, vampires, gods, robotic combinations, and other such unbelievable creations as pertains to WoW lore specifically)

Who we are:
* Dedicated Roleplayers who enjoy Roleplay first and foremost, but love a few other aspects of the game as well.
* Friendly players who are willing to help.
* Those who wear the name of Sunborne Legacy with pride and do our best to not only represent that in Roleplay, but represent that in our gameplay through our classes.
* We are not the majority of the BE group, but the minority in what we seek. Therefore our numbers are few, and we seek those whose character ideals match our own.

Who we are NOT:
* Hardcore Raiders and/or Hardcore PvP'ers. Both Raiding and PvP are welcomed, but not in hardcore fashion as this guild is about Roleplay first.
* Casual Roleplayers who move in and out of character at whim, and who frequently yell through the region.
* Gankers, and Griefers of any kind.
* God-modders and Meta-gamers - we do our best to remain aware of the line between IC and OOC and to follow the general ettiquette of Roleplay.

How To apply:
* If you have further questions please feel free to join our OOC Channel - /join SunborneOOC. We welcome interested parties, friends, and alts as well as members into our OOC channel.
* Ready to Apply? visit our website listed above and create a guild launch account, and then fill out the short preliminary application (very painless), and then contact us in our OOC channel so we can set up a time to do a brief IC interview with your character. We also ask that you review our Charter for an outline of our policies.
* Upon acceptance you will be granted full website access, and Initiate status into the guild. Ranks ear earned through the accumulation of points acquired in a variety of ways involving interaction with the guild and it's members, and website.


 *Note: We are not a huge guild. We are tight knit family. Both IC and OOC. We are a special collection of really great role-players who aren't afraid to play a character that is outside the box. We believe it's quality of people, not numbers.

As far as raiding goes, this guild is primarily about Roleplay and that will ALWAYS be the focus of the guild as a whole. At some point in time when enough members are interested, we may run raid groups, or host them in order to fascilitate some fun in this area, possibly seek alliances for this purpose. But we ask that when we reach that point, members do not spend the majority of their time caught up in raiding campaigns and remember they are in a roleplay guild.

We are here for the role-play, for the 2% of people out there who aren't afraid to step up and play a detailed character, not for the 2% drop rate item.